31 Day Assessment Survey

Our 31 day assessment survey is the result of processing in excess of 30,000 data points relating to aircraft movements within a 1 mile radius of any UK 6-7 digit UK post code. To make sense of the assessment please read our article titled “how the disruption index is calculated” . The assessment results are published in the table below.

STOP! The assessment result is very sensitive to the post code and 1 mile in any direction can make a big difference.

Check for your post code or location using the Search box below and then click on the  symbol to see further details regarding the assessment. It’s also worth seeing our article titled “how the disruption index is calculated” .

Please contact us by Email: sales@aircrafttrafficsurvey.com or call: 07940 700031 if you require additional flight scorecard information about any of the locations shown. Also see the menu option “Request a Survey” for a full range of offered surveys.

areaOfRecordFullPostcodeBand DescriptionLast Refresh Date
areaOfRecordFullPostcodeBand DescriptionLast Refresh Date