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Caution: our Assessments are very sensitive to the location provided i.e. 1 mile in any direction can make a big difference to the resulting disturbance experienced.

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Our full assessment survey is the result of processing in excess of 80,000 data points relating to aircraft movements within a 1 mile radius of any UK 6-7 digit UK post code. To make sense of the assessment please read our article titled “how the assessment index is calculated” . The assessment results are published in the table below.

Due to COVID-19 we use data from 2019 i.e. the Christmas/Winter period (2019) , Easter/Spring (2019) and Autumn Bank Holiday (2019), equating to 25% of the entire year. The 2020 data sets, although also available, will not provide a true assessment picture.

Please contact us by Email: or call: 07940 700031 if you require additional flight scorecard information about any of the locations shown. Also see the menu option “Request a Survey” for a full range of offered surveys.