Aircraft Noise Assessments

We offer a range of Aircraft Noise Assessments, all work in a very similar way and provide the likely perceived impact of regular aircraft overflying one of our virtual postcode monitoring stations, also known as a Postcode area.

Our standard offering consists of a 31 day Noise Assessment that is based on the start date prior to the Assessment request date. The Assessment includes almost all commercial and private flights, excluding military and emergency services, that occurred within a 1 mile radius of a given UK 6 digit postcode. Or if preferred, Latitude and Longitude co-ordinates can also be used instead.

Our customised offering uses the same algorithms as our standard offering but the assessed area can be increased to a radius of 2 or 3 miles. This is designed for persons that live in rural or semi rural areas and would like to enjoy the peace and quite of their outside amenity such as the garden. This because sound waves aggregate in these types of areas and the ambient background noise tends to be lower. I.e. “big sky” analysis.

We also provide an option for you to seed the Assessment end date from which the 31 day prior start date is calculated. This is designed for persons that would like to understand flight activity for a defined period. For example over Easter’24 or Autumn Bank Holiday’23 etc.