Assessment ScoreCard – Full

Aircraft Traffic Assessment: Full Scorecard

The symbol indicates the measure is better than the average when compared with other assessed
UK postcodes. The ❌ represents the opposite. Assessed averages are shown in brackets.

See: for a full explanation about the Assessment scorecard.

Summary Overview

All Assessments are based on an ambient background noise of 40 decibels i.e. a quiet residential area. If your property is located near to a busy road i.e. 70-75 decibels, the noise impact from aircraft will be significantly reduced, whilst the road remains busy.

Note: Airborne aircraft noise is typically in the range of 45dB - 65dB for heights below 26,000 feet and for a duration of 30-50 seconds. Whereas the average car, bus or HGV the duration is only a few seconds.

Date of survey


, ,

Baseline geo-coordinates


Survey type

Full. Based on 93 days in 2019, during Mid Dec to Mid Jan, whole of April and August.

Assessment band

Assessment actual value

Assessment description

Band range

Flight holding stack identified?


Count of Flights & Height Band

Assessment Period / Daily Avg. / Hourly Avg.

Count of ALL flights


Flights above 26k feet.


Flights between 16k and 26k feet


Flights between 13k and 15k feet


Flights between 7k and 12k feet


Flights between 6k and 7k feet


Flights between 5k and 6k feet


Flights between 4k and 5k feet


Flights between 3k and 4k feet


Flights below 3k feet


4 or more flights per hour


9 or more flights per hour


Departures between 1.5k and 15k feet


Count of Flights by Hour Band

Assessment Period / Day / Hourly Average

0 AM

1 AM

2 AM

3 AM

4 AM

5 AM

6 AM

7 AM

8 AM to 9 PM

10 PM

11 PM

Averages over assessment period

Time in seconds an aircraft existed in the Airspace Bubble

Altitude for all flights


Altitude of departures between 1.5k and 15k feet


Altitude of flights below 20k feet


Number of potential disruptions per day / during out-of-hours


Percentage of Pass-bys that occur Out-Of-Hours and at Weekends


Minimum distance from base in miles

Scale of regular disruption
(0 - low, 25+ high)

Period and Frequency

Our scorecard is designed to provide a greater understanding how the assessment was reached for your selected UK post code. To enable you to validate our assessment we also provide up to 10 occurrences when we believe the disruption will be at its highest.

For those that would like to perform their own analysis we can also provide the low level flight data that includes the length of time a plane existed inside your select airspace bubble.