Latest UK airport Arrivals and Departures weekly flight volumes.

Currently unavailable due to the availability of the OpenSky Network’s data feed.

The following is our latest Arrival and Departure movement activity for a selection of Airports – the first table column is the analysis week.  The list of Airports shown can be expanded by sending a request to  Note; all movement counts are derived on where a flight was first or last seen using Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) and Mode S technologies.

The table is refreshed on Tuesday mornings. The default sort sequence is by Airports that are expanding the fastest based on 2019 data. However, the sort can be changed dynamically by clicking on the column header.

Week Airport Current weekly mvts Avg weekly mvts 2019 % increase on prior week % increase on 2019 avg weekly mvts
w/e 29-Jan-2023LONDON BIGGIN HILL AIRPORT351200-4.675.5
w/e 29-Jan-2023EDINBURGH AIRPORT15879610.365.1
w/e 29-Jan-2023BOURNEMOUTH AIRPORT236149-8.958.4
w/e 29-Jan-2023SOUTHAMPTON AIRPORT203136-4.749.3
w/e 29-Jan-2023LEEDS BRADFORD AIRPORT347235-0.347.7
w/e 29-Jan-2023FARNBOROUGH AIRPORT461399-4.415.5
w/e 29-Jan-2023GEORGE BEST BELFAST CITY AIRPORT494446-5.410.8
w/e 29-Jan-2023LONDON CITY AIRPORT917858-5.56.9
w/e 29-Jan-2023BIRMINGHAM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT12011242-4.3-3.3
w/e 29-Jan-2023EAST MIDLANDS AIRPORT96710344.2-6.5
w/e 29-Jan-2023LONDON HEATHROW AIRPORT75329123-1.5-17.4
w/e 29-Jan-2023LONDON STANSTED AIRPORT29353613-1.3-18.8
w/e 29-Jan-2023MANCHESTER AIRPORT23523062-2.8-23.2
w/e 29-Jan-2023BRISTOL AIRPORT8201146-4.0-28.4
w/e 29-Jan-2023LONDON LUTON AIRPORT17852551-3.6-30.0
w/e 29-Jan-2023LONDON GATWICK AIRPORT31995792-1.5-44.8
w/e 29-Jan-2023SOUTHEND AIRPORT63420-12.5-85.0
Week Airport Currrent weekly mvts Avg weekly mvts 2019 % on prior week % Change in avg weekly mvts since 2019

Baseline for 2019: The weekly Arrival and Departure reported movements is calculated on a blended average taken over the 3 busiest periods.