Your personal Airspace bubble

All of us live inside our own personal Airspace bubble but how do we know what’s going on in that bubble and how that activity could be impacting the quality of our lives?

In the context of this posting an Airspace bubble is a 1 mile radius from a specified point such as our homes, holiday locations or outdoor leisure spaces.

The focus of this post is on how to measure the impact of commercial Aircraft within our Airspace bubble. Firstly we need to define impact before we can carryout an assessment. Firstly we ignore all aircraft above 26000 feet as above this height the noise is not generally material . We also ignore aircraft that share our bubble for less that 7.5 seconds as it implies the plane’s noise would not represent a real disturbance.

Having given this much thought we don’t believe disruption is a discussion about the individual aircraft that share our Airspace bubble but more about the aggregation of flights within our personal space at specific times of the day and at specific days of the week.

With this in mind our assessment is based on all flights that share our Airspace at the same time for periods greater than 7.5 seconds and below 26000 feet. This definition provides us with an understanding in a language which we can relate to. For example, we could say that between 6pm and 8pm on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday you will clearly hear and see aircraft 80% of the time.

Even so you personally may find these facts perfectly acceptable or tolerable but at least you now know.