Covid 19 – Is Gatwick Airport now in Terminal Decline?

Over the past 10 years Gatwick Airport has been actively pursuing an expansionist agenda which has been implicitly supported by many of the government bodies but opposed by the millions of residents of Sussex, Kent and Surrey. However, have events such as Covid-19 and Regional Airport investment now overtaken Gatwick’s agenda?

Since Covid-19 the airline industry itself has challenged Gatwick’s role by reducing its presence and dependency on Gatwick Airport by realigning their fleets to other established Hub airports and the newly expanded regional airports such as; Stansted, Southampton, Bournemouth, London City etc.

This begs the question about the future need for Gatwick Airport in the post Covid-19 era as the local regional airports now have invested in the infrastructure to accept new business and routes. This leaves Gatwick Airport, located in the South Downs and surrounded by AONBs, in a position to transform and become an airport for predominately the residents of the Home Counties only.

This means that tens of thousands of Gatwick’s passengers would no longer slavishly drive hundreds of miles around the M25 and M23 as they would enjoy the benefits of using their expanded regional airport capacity.

This creates a huge number of exciting new opportunities for Gatwick Airport and the surrounding area with the land being repurposed as a “next generation” holiday and leisure destination such as the Eden Project, with great access to the Captial, the South Coast resorts, beautiful countryside, and of course Heathrow Airport.